The band “208 Talks of angels” was created in 2006 by Anthony Fadeyev and other eminent musicians, who decided to join their efforts for the search of new music concept and new extraordinary sound. The word “angel” has no religious implication, but is just the translation of Greek “aggelos” that means herald, messenger. This word is used within the music concept of this music band that contemplates adoption of something progressive and state-of-the-art. The presence of number “208” is still the secret, but it soon will be revealed.

The style of “208 Talks of angels” can not be characterized in usual way for the reason that there is an infinite number of styles mixed and interrelated, as for the most interesting things are always located at the joint of the cultures. Musicians themselves define their music as III – independent individual intellectual. For other people it may sound like the symbiosis of Classics, Industrial, Ballad, Ethnic, Progressive, Electronic, Break Beat, Ambient and many others. The idea of creating of “208 Talks of angels” and it posterior activity came from the wish to give the masses access to high music culture, to convince people of getting out of dictated limits, stereotypes and templates and to persuade the listeners to comprehend the various kinds of stern reality. It is necessary to mention the active usage of technical vocabulary in texts that again specifies the precise vector of band`s progress.

The band has been involved in hundreds of fests, concerts and shows – in Udmurtia (Russian Federation) and abroad, also, there is a great experience of conducting its own mono-actions and performances. The band regularly takes the part in mass media projects – radio and television programmes. In prospect it is planned to participate in all significant thematic events, the musicians cooperate with organizers and funds of Russia and foreign countries. The full-house and very successful concert with Udmurt National Symphonic Orchestra that took place in Izhevsk (on 24th November 2009) became extremely meaningful step in band`s progress. After that event the band has received many invitations from other orchestras. For today the band has a small unprofessional EP that is recorded only for firsthand acquaintance with the creativity of “208 Talks of angels”. Full concert programme of “208 talks of angels” includes over 50 compositions. Unfortunately, in Izhevsk, the place where musicians live, there is no worthy studio that can satisfy the adequate requirements. At present time the participants of band are:

1.Anthony Fadeyev – guitar, vocals, effects, composition, programming, sampling;

2.Vilena Karklinya – vocals, manager;

3.Vladimir Romanchenko – bass, sampling, effects.

The band can involve external musicians if it is needed. Please, if you have any questions, suggestions or proposals, contact us!


Cells made to keep your in statics
Their rods too hard for me
When free you will not regain
Your power`s lost
The line is plane

Someone will try to make free you
Someone will pray for thee
But when free you get back to the chain
Your power`s lost
There`s no Champaign

You try to disengage
Transpose your emotions down again
You try to haste your rage
Your assimilation`s now condemned

Cells made to improve your freedom
Cells made to defend your way
Men in the street never make waves
Musical chair is bargain

Big knowledge is dangerous thing
Might goes before the right
Look at the mirror
What do you see
Adjust your collar, follow light

Light x 4


Who{ever} tried? Escape is no real. One can never deplore you for repel but is is not a steal.
Human will lost in freedom of dreams, in a feeling of bliss, in the seas of faking better reveals.

Waiting for rating
All your life is painting
Dating for hating
Can’t you make translating?

You try to disengage x 2
Transpose your emotions down again (you put your emotions down)
You try to haste your rage
Your assimilation`s now condemned x 2